Terms and Conditions

                                         1. PERSONAL INFORMATION

1.1. To have an active account, the member must provide some personal information such as full name, sex, date of birth.

1.2. As his signature must be kept secret from other people, we arm ourselves in an irreversible form. To be sure it is your responsibility, we are not responsible for anyone having access indebted to your account due to incorrect signage management.

1.3. Currently, you can only have an account.
Any attempt to create more than 1 account will end up shutting them all down. This also applies to the account ID of the payment processor, which must be exclusive and not shared with other users.

1.4. Only one account per computer can display ads. If more than one account on a single computer displays ads, all accounts will be permanently suspended. The use of automatic click programs is recommended to directly affect our advertisers.

1.5. You can only view ads using an IP address within a 24 -hour period.
On the other hand, you can use different IP addresses to login. Any attempt to do the opposite can be released by closing his account.
Proxy login, vpn is not allowed. Your account will be suspended if you decide to use these resources.

1.6. Your email addresses will not be displayed or sold under any circumstances.

1.7. The site does not modify the user's account information based on a request. Requests to change your reference and user name will be rejected.

1.8. Users who use false information to record or change their personal settings will have their accounts suspended.
Be sure to provide your full and true name, as in your payment processor accounts and personal details.
In terms of no correspondence, his retirement application may be denied and his account may be suspended.

1.9. Members must login at least once every 90 days to remain active. If you wish to close your account, simply do not log in to the site during this period.

1.10. After 90 days of inactivity, his account will be suspended.

                                                      2. PAYMENTS

2.1. The minimum payment method on the site Payeer $0.03, PayPal $1.00 USD, Pix $0.05, PicPay $0.10 cents. We do not send payments where the value is below the required minimum. Proof of payment! It is not obligatory, thank you for posting or checking payment in the forum.


2.2. Processor or bank accounts must be in the user's name. While accounts we must be correctly configured in the processor and the data reported in Renda Extra Clix must be correct. We are only responsible for sending the values, and any other problem with the receipt will have to be treated by the processor. We will not return unless the money has already been sent or if the processor returns and devotes the value to this.


2.3. We send payments to various processors such as: Example Pix: 035beb70-1ad6-48dc-af93-3921562d0437 ID: Payeer Example: P1018239625 PayPal Example: support.rendaextraclix@gmail.com or PicPay Example: @pauloCrow Other processors need to be consulted to verify availability. The remittance of values to account processors in BRL will be based on the daily dollar quote.


2.4. The time it takes for the site to submit payment requests is 1 to 15 days. They are usually sent on the same day.
- After requesting a payment, the member will have to wait a few more days to be able to request a new one.


2.5. The taxes levied on the site are for maintenance of the same. Taxes do not depend on us and we only collect what we pay the processors to receive deposits. To receive your payment at the chosen processor, new taxes can be applied to your money. Consult the taxes of each one.


2.6. Personal configurations, payment method, enter your correct data Example of PayPal: suporte.rendaextraclix@gmail.com Example of Pix: 035beb70-1ad6-48dc-af93-3921562d0437 ID: Payeer Example: P1018239625 or PicPay Example: @paulocrow. Failure to comply with these data or errors in the information may occur in arrears in the payment and refund the balance to your account here; in case this happens, the member will have to correct their data and wait again to request a new withdrawal.


2.7. Any arrears on the site Renda Extra Clix for if it should be collected to whom it should be. Going into the world or revealing to groups of contacts that we are cheating without knowing what is happening, will result in an agreement and its disconnection from the site. I have no idea to prejudice anyone but some unexpected people can happen, and it can happen between contacting the support or contacts to keep up to date.


2.8. Denoting the account of administrators to processors is prejudicial to other members of the site who have nothing to do with this. Therefore, it is very important that you always seek the administration to solve your payment problems and not third parties.


2.9. To request withdrawals, you must have a full name and correct data.


2.10. Taxes for payments depend on processor to processor, but internally when requesting a tax is deducted from your account for maintaining the financial health of the site, when the processor becomes available. We list below the amount of tax we collect for each processor.
- Payeer $0.01 + 0% Coinbase $0.01 + 0% Pix and PicPay $0.01 + 1% PayPal $0.02 + 3%  of the value of the cash order.

Please read topic 3.5 to understand why we charge fees. The site can change this value if it sees the need.


                                                         3. DEPOSITS


3.1. Default minimum deposit on the site is PayPal $1.00, Pix $0.50, Payeer $0.50, PicPay $0.50, Coinbase $0.10


3.2. You have up to 7 days to cancel your purchase. The amount will be refunded to your account in whole or in part, depending on your internal activities. To request a refund, you must open a support ticket notifying the administration.


3.3. Renda Extra Clix Donations 

Pix: amodeldragonapd@hotmail.com

Payeer: P1018239625

PicPay: @paulocrow

PayPal: support.rendaextraclix@gmail.com

Coinbase: amodeldragonapd@hotmail.com

MetaMask: 0x0942523DAA03dD039f63500F8C9e287D286E8112  BINANCE BEP20 (BNB), ETHEREUM (ETH), Polygon (MATIC)

CoinEx: amodeldragonapd@hotmail.com

For every $1.00 you donate, receive 100,000.00 in banner ad credits.

To receive credits, when depositing, do not forget to inform that it was a donation and your usernam.


3.4. Deposits Pix and PicPay are added up to 24 hours from the time you send us. To expedite the addition of funds to your account, please open a support ticket stating the amount you sent us, the processor and the transaction ID.
You will receive an email from Renda Extra Clix informing you that your deposit has been confirmed.


3.5. When a deposit is made, the member receives the full amount here on the site, even when the processor charges us a fee for receiving it. Therefore, this may affect payment requests.

Please read topic 2.10 for our withdrawal fees.



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