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Update coming soon
Published on 07-07-2021

Soon update on the site, videos and offers will remain. Rented Referral Upgrades, Ads, Gold and Vip will be removed and the upgrade account will have one for all members. The reason many members use the automatic click bot harms the site and all members.

One account allowed per user
Published on 11-05-2021

One account allowed per user. Only one account per computer can show ads. If more than one account on a single computer displays ads, all of those accounts will be permanently suspended. 

The site's revenue to pay you comes from banner ads when a member clicks once every 24 hours, and having more than one account does not benefit the site or members, a single visit from each member.

YouTube videos
Published on 27-04-2021


Are you ready to promote your YouTube videos? Now you can add your own video!

minimum 500 views

To promote your video click here

Anúncios inválidos
Published on 25-04-2021

Podem visualizar anúncios normalmente, quem estava com esse problema

(anúncios inválidos), desculpe o transtorno  qualquer erro contate o suporte.

Doações Renda Extra Clix
Published on 22-04-2021

💲Doações Renda Extra Clix💲

💲Pix [email protected]

💲Payeer P1018239625

💲PicPay @paulocrow

💲PayPal [email protected]

A cada R$ 1,00 de doação, receba 10.000,00 em créditos para anúncios de banners.

Para receber os créditos, ao depositar, não se esqueça de informar que foi doação e o seu nome de usuário.


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